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Do you ever yearn for adventure in your life? Do you believe you could make a difference?

Find the heroine inside and live your dreams.

This is a website about personal growth, among other things of beauty - such as satire.

Those of unsound mind will derive particular enjoyment from the content of this website. Read on and discover how two women, already heroines, even with Google, successfully made a 90 degree turn in their lives whilst on sabbatical.

Both with a medical background, they previously lived a stressful existence rehabilitating inpatients in a somewhat remote psychiatric rehabilitation centre. Should you wish to make a detour you can examine their former achievements in their medical roles at Tribute to Selfless Heroines. However, if you stick around you will find yourself expanding, and possibly exercising, your mental capacity for change and also come across some pearls of wisdom, which our resident fairy will share with you.

The truth is more important than the facts - Frank Lloyd Wright


Speaking of truth this is a perfect time to introduce our Professor of General Surgery. She has removed her white surgical gown and replaced it with the black gown of the law. This colour comparison is by no means supposed to represent the polarities of good and evil but you may have an opinion depending on your past experiences when faced with either.

Here the camera has caught our Professor of General Surgery as she sails elegantly from jail where she has personally supervised the removal of yet another threat to our society.

Her story is quite remarkable, and was seeded in an involuntary appearance as a juror in a criminal court of law. She was the only juror perceptive enough to recognise the special relationship the presiding judge and the defence lawyer shared. Amid all the eye flutters between these two men whilst the court was in session a verdict of Not Guilty was passed and a petty criminal was let off.

The Prosecutor, unlike her, was not astute enough to recognise the real reason that the defence laywer was batting his eyelashes at the judge, thinking it merely a diversional tactic, and the case was finished before it was started.

The judge was mightily impressed with the performance of General Surgery not only as a juror, but especially during the recess periods when she juggled her surgical instruments much to the delight of all. It was she who he asked to step into his shoes for the rest of the day as a most "urgent meeting" had befallen him. Not surprisingly, the defence lawyer was not seen for the remainder of that day either.

From this point onwards General Surgery's rise to fame has been rapid and she is pictured here joining John Howard and George Bush in an advisory capacity at a recent function. Mr Howard's pride is evident but could Mr Bush be having second thoughts about keeping Ms Rice on his payroll?

Politics is the art of the possible - Otto von Bismarck

Our other heroine, formerly Professor of Psychiatry at the Green Hills Centre, began her sabbatical by trying her hand at the art of taxidermy. Her father attempted to make a career of this whilst a recovering alcoholic. As a child he was viciously mauled by a koala with the notorious name of Blinky Bill. The result was a tragedy as you can see below. It is with his memory in mind Psychiatry is dabbling in this art and her results are quietly taking the world by storm, be it via ebay or political circles.



The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen
to it - George C Scott


psychiatry looking cheerful

Meet our Professor of Psychiatry, looking quite cheerful in her Chanel t-shirt, whilst on her way to a meeting with General Surgery about a recalcitrant inpatient. This picture was taken just prior to her departing for her sabbatical. Her news-breaking, radical ideas regarding treatment of mental health disorders will be continued in her absence at the Centre whilst her focus is elsewhere.

A figure ever-popular with journalists wherever she goes, she has once again attracted the attention of the press as she throws herself into an entirely new experimental method of mental healing. Starting out as a hobby, her handiwork has transformed into a source that may prove to hold some of the greatest healing power in the history of mankind. What a wonderful way to assuage the modern mind. Go deeper within this story to learn how you too can join this quiet revolution. The offer is only open to Australian citizens at this time but if you are a rich American we could probably help you out too.


Reality is for people who can't face drugs. - Laurence Peter

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